About Us

As in most Methodist churches, lay people play an important part in the life of the church.   Everyone’s contribution is important and many important roles are filled by church members.

The following are the principal office holders, i.e. members of the Church Council, at Wanstead Methodist:

MinisterRev Dr Ebute Obiabo
Church StewardsRobert Amey
Benjamin Anyimiah
Tricia Don
Shahla ZareAziraniSenior Steward
Church Volunteer OfficersShahla Zare-AziraniChurch Council Secretary
Shahla Zare-AziraniPastoral Secretary
Shahla Zare-AziraniChristian Aid Co-ordinator
Hannah RobertsTreasurer
Benjamin AnyimiahSafeguarding Officer
Bernard MansellProperty Steward
Bernard MansellMusic & Worship Co-ordinator
Wendy BraybrookMusic assistant
Linda EnglefieldMWiB Representative
Tricia DonNotice editor
Tricia DonChurches Together Representative