Welcome to our website, on which we aim to tell you about our church and community here in Wanstead.

 Three years ago, we extended our welcome area with a glass fronted entrance to our building. It is a popular area for people to sit with a range of chairs and tables. It is in regular use as an entrance as well as a place for people of all ages to gather, chat and drink tea or coffee.

Our primary role within the community is to be a worshipping presence. Church services are held every Sunday. Each Sunday is different and we have a wide range of worship styles, so something to suit everyone.
Last year, Methodist Churches were challenged as to whether they were a growing or a dying church. At Wanstead, we decided that we wanted to be a growing church and to that effect have asked people to express what they would most like to see us doing as a church.

Our premises are used throughout the week by local organisations, and many people in the locality refer to Wanstead as their church.

We are pleased to be here, showing the love of God both within and without the church.

Bless you for visiting our website. We will be pleased to hear from you.

Every blessing Rev Dr. Ebute Obiabo